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Mike Linnane Bids the OULS Committee Farewell

It is with a little sadness, very fond memories but with the knowledge now is the right time that I say goodbye to serving on the OULS Committee, having done so in some capacity over the last three years, first as one of two mooting co-ordinators, then as its Chair and then finally as the Committee’s Vice Chair. I have loved my time serving on the committee in all three of the elected roles but truly felt that the baton needed to be passed on to others this time around and therefore I did not put myself forward for any role this year, instead I look forward to enjoying the OULS as a normal member.

There are so many highlights during my time on the Committee such as when I was Chair in 2018-2019 I was very proud to have successfully proposed the internal mooting competition being renamed in honour of the OU law Faculty founder Professor Gary Slapper and also of arranging teams over the last two years for the London Legal Walk. However I think my favourite accomplishment was, as 2017-2018 Master of Moots, organising and coaching the first OULS team to be entered into the European Academy of Religion International Moot on Law and Religion (EUARE) where we won the ECtHR competition and were also highly commended by the US Supreme Court Judges in the US Final which was held in Bologna. This marks the first international win for the OULS and I was so proud of all six members of the team, they did so, so well!

As one of the mooting co-ordinators I also loved meeting students at our numerous workshops, selection days and career events and as Chair I continued to promote and enhance the OULS’s standing within the OU Law School and the OU Student Association and giving presentations at OU Student Association events and OU Career days. If you have never been to one of those events you really should go, there is so much to be gained from them believe me.

Next, in keeping with an agreed tradition that an OULS Chair should only ever sit for 1 year in order to allow the next generation of Students to run the society, I did not seek re-election as Chair. Instead I nominated myself, and was duly elected, as Vice-Chair where I was able to offer support and guidance to the new Chair just as James Sudworth, the Chair before me, thankfully provided for me when he similarly took up the role of Vice-Chair. I am glad to say such guidance was barely needed as the new Chair, Sarah Couling, was very accomplished and actually had more OULS Committee experience than I.

I am really pleased that the new Committee headed up by new Chair, Laurie and new Vice-Chair Craig is made up of brand new Committee members but also with some very hard to replace committee members remaining , like Mikko our Treasurer and who could imagine the OULS without our superb News Editor, Victoria. Thank you all for nominating yourselves and congratulations on being elected.

I wish the 2020-2021 Committee all the very best for the future and if I can be of any assistance at all then I am just a call or a text away.

With my best regards, Goodbye and Good Luck!


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