The current OULS Committee comprises 11 volunteer officers:

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Sarah is wrapping up the final year of her LLB with the OU Law School. Having left nursing school in the US, she moved to England in 2008 to start a family. However, her ambition to pursue a career saw her join the Open University in 2013, to lay foundations for her future. Sarah has served as the OULS Systems Admin and Secretary, as well as stand-in Secretary and Treasurer. Having gained much needed confidence, which she owes to the OULS, she nominated herself for Chair.

Sarah won the 2018 Gary Slapper Mooting Award with fellow committee member Harrie Austin-Jones and excitedly took part in the European Academy of Religion International (ECtHR and USSC) Law and Religion Moot Competition in Bologna with Elise Graham. Sarah has proven herself capable of excellent legal writing skills and was invited to the Houses of Parliament in early 2019 along with the Open Justice Team, to accept the award for Best Legal Tech Contribution in the Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards, for her contribution to pro bono work on module W360. She accepted the award presented by the Attorney General, the Rt. Hon Geoffrey Cox MP QC and the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC MP.

Sarah has become passionate about Streetlaw and has successfully taught law to both secondary school children and prisoners with glowing feedback. Sarah’s confidence has blossomed as a result and she is therefore keen to assist other students to pursue Streetlaw. With the help of the Open Justice Team she hopes to achieve a framework to make this possible over the course of the year.

Sarah lives in North Wales with her partner James. The two met through the OULS and have been together ever since. Sarah has gained many skills and built fantastic relationships through the OULS. She is keen to see other students reap the same benefits that she has. Sarah believes that the OULS is a fantastic forum for OULS members to become more socially interactive, and cannot wait to help expand relations between members.

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Mike is London based, has a banking and financial services background and studied law with the Open University from 2014 until 2017 where he graduated with First Class (Honours). He is commencing the BPTC in September 2018 with BPP having secured a Lord Denning Scholorship from Lincoln’s Inn.

Michael won the Dame Frances Patterson UKELA 2018 Mooting Competition with fellow graduate Joe Broadway and as Master of Moots 2017/2018 successfully coached the OULS team in the European Academy of Religion International (ECtHR and USSC) Law and Religion Moot Competition in Bologna where they won the ECtHR final of the competition and were highly commended in the US Supreme Court final of the competition. Michael was also the recipient of the Open University: ‘Top Student Award’ Module W302 – Equity, trusts and land in the 2016/2017 academic year and is a regular contributor to The Oxford Journal of law and Religion. Michael also volunteers for the Personal Support Unit(PSU) at the Central Family Courts and Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Following his successful year as Master of Moots Michael was keen to remain involved in the OULS and was very pleased to be elected the 2018/2019 Chair. He remains very passionate about the OU, the OULS, mooting and other forms of advocacy but he is especially motivated in ensuring that every member is aware of the opportunities that are available to them. He knows the value of the OULS during his own studies and the fun, relationships and skills that he experienced throughout. Michael’s mission is to make sure that every member has the same opportunities and to continue ensuring that the OULS remains an invaluable and fun part of every students experience.

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Based in Manchester, Elizabeth is currently in her third year of her Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and studying W203 and W330. Following completion of her degree she plans to study a BPTC LLM  September 2020.

Elizabeth’s decision to study came from a number of years working within civil litigation. She is a new OULS member but has taken part in open justice programs and wants to get more involved in what the university can offer. Elizabeth is most looking forward to getting involved in the mooting events to gain valuable experience for the future.

Outside of work and study Elizabeth enjoys yoga, running, travelling and reading. She has also spent 5 years living and working abroad in Austria and Canada for a ski company in a number of different roles which has helped her gain valuable experience which she believes will be transferable to her position as secretary.

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Mikko is moving onto his 3rd year next year, and is hoping to graduate in 2021. This is his first committee role, although during his previous studies he enjoyed being involved with the student’s union and faculty activities.

A bit of a degree hog, Mikko has a degree in Politics (MA), another one in Forensic Psychology (MSc) and is also a qualified accountant (ACMA).

He is looking forward to a career in law once he graduates – hopefully something away from finance and accounting.

For his law career, he likes to keep his options open, although is more interested in becoming a barrister than a solicitor at the moment.

Mikko currently lives in Fleet, Hampshire (just before Basingstoke on M3 southbound), having previously lived in Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh.

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Harrie is based in Kent, where he works as General Manager for a construction company. He has a degree in Politics with Economics and has been doing a graduate entry law degree with the Open University since 2017.

Harrie has been an active member of the OULS since he started his studies and continues to compete in various internal and external competitions. This has culminated in winning the Gary Slapper Memorial moot in 2019. He is now looking to find the next crop of talented mooters and hopes they will enjoy it as much as he has over the coming year.

Beyond the law, Harrie is a keen table tennis player, podcaster and fitness enthusiast. He will often be found in the gym or at home sampling the best Netflix has to offer.

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Based in Newton-Le-Willows (between Manchester and Liverpool – the birthplace of 80’s legend Rick Astley!) Dave is in his final year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), having begun in early 2016.  In addition to studying, he applies his experience as a former police sergeant to his work as a consultant for a risk and reputation management company.  As part of the OU’s Open Justice project he volunteers in the Manchester Personal Support Unit.

Dave’s aspiration for his role on the OULS committee is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for careers advice through the OULS website and to provide greater access to law careers events in the North of the country.

In his spare time Dave is an advanced motorcycle tutor for the Manchester ROSPA group as well as an organiser of motorcycle related events in aid of air ambulance charities

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Victoria-Jayne has been studying Law with the Open University since October 2013 and in September 2018 graduated with a 2:1. After a change of direction, she is now enrolled to study her LPC LLM in 2019. In her year off she has been helping as a volunteer for Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership, linking people who have found themselves on hard times with local foodbanks, as well as reporting for the OULS.  Victoria-Jayne’s background is a vast one from a Walt Disney World expert for Virgin Holidays to owning her own business to performing at the Theatre Royal Windsor and Richmond Theatre


After a year of being a News Reporter for the OULS she is delighted to be taking up her new role as News Editor. Over the past year she has written many articles which she hopes are not only relevant to the current affairs but have hopefully brought some fun to them along the way.

After Victoria-Jayne’s health declined she found herself having to rely on a wheelchair to get about. This has made her passion soar and now wants to push the boundaries in to making not only the legal pathway more accessible but also the criminal Justice System. Getting in and out of court buildings, solicitors and even holding cells is not an easy feat and nothing can be changed if it is not challenged.

Victoria-Jayne’s passion comes from the saying ‘Carpe Diem’ and that is exactly what she is hoping to do. She hopes that with the help of the OULS, she can show to students just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t shoot for the stars.

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Karen is currently studying public law and criminal law as part of W203. Outside of work, she enjoys running, yoga, travelling and learning Italian. Karen thinks that this Brexit era is a fascinating time to study law and also looks forward to keeping you entertained with articles throughout the coming year.

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Laurie is near to completing her first two modules of her LLB; W101 & W102 that she studied simultaneously and has already enrolled for the next two modules beginning in October. 

Laurie currently works as an Accountant and Office Manager, however, aspires to follow her childhood ambition of becoming a Barrister by the time her nearly 6 year old Son goes to Senior School, showcasing to him, no matter your circumstances in life, with the right work ethic, he really can create any future he desires. 

In her spare time (what’s spare time?)..Laurie is also a volunteer for a charity very close to her heart, Cardiac Risk in the Young and their sister charity, myheart. Laurie likes to keep fit at the gym and do crazy things like half marathons, dressed as a giant heart, wolf runs and escape rooms! 

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Tymoteusz is a Bristol-based IT-entrepreneur who over almost two decades of his life dabbled in all sort of projects in virtually any industry that was or was not touched before by the hand of progress. Just now finishing his second year of studies, it’s another stepping stone in migrating from the career in IT into full-time law, hopefully as a criminal barrister as this was his passion since his early years.

Outside of work and study, he is a parent of two kids, an avid poker player and long-lasting fan of Airsoft, especially ones focusing on military simulations and as a result doesn’t shy from waddling through deep woods over the weekend. The very little spare time all of the above leaves, he spends on playing games and following interesting legal cases, with a recent focus on IP and copyright law, especially how a growing presence of the internet impacts what constitutes Fair Use. Occasionally also travels to IT conferences to speak about the upcoming technologies and reinstate some of his well-known no-nonsense pragmatism with jumping onto the newest bandwagon.

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