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2023 - 2024

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Careers Coordinator

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Vice Chair


Careers and

Outreach Coordinator

Johnathan Doran

Johnathan Doran
BA, BSc, MA, MSc

Johnathan is a graduate of The Open University, holding degrees in English Literature and an LLB (Laws) qualification from the institution as well. 


Working as a Lecturer in Biology at an FE College in Scotland, his study and research beyond the OU has taken him to the University of Glasgow, Exeter, Heriot-Watt University, and the University of Wales. He has previously lecturered in biology and chemistry, and has keen academic interests in both the role of expert witnesses in courts as well as scientific intellectual property law.


In addition to acting as Chair of the Open University Law Society, Johnathan is a trustee for a number of charities (including the Open University Students' Association), a private tutor and volunteers at a legal aid clinic.


He is currently completing a PhD research thesis in philosophy of science.


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Kevin Bannon

Kevin Bannon

Having recently completed my first year of an LLB degree at the Open University, I bring a unique blend of academic rigor and real-world experience to my role. My academic pursuits deeply resonate with my day-to-day responsibilities, enriching my practical understanding of eDiscovery and internal investigations.


I'm not just confined to the textbooks; as a Volunteer Student Representative, I serve as a liaison between the student body and faculty, advocating for a better academic experience for all. This role highlights my commitment to community and leadership, traits I carry into my professional life.


My special interest lies at the intersection of law and technology. This passion informs my leadership in managing a team adept at navigating complex, multi-jurisdictional legal scenarios. It's this fusion of technology and law that excites me, driving continual learning and innovation within my firm.


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