Virtual Internships

An Excellent Opportunity to Boost your Legal CV.

My dear colleagues, as we are all facing a difficult global situation and we spend more time in our homes than normal, I think we should look for other chances for presenting our legal profiles with big law firms.

I found a few firms where I saw an offer of programs for us law students. They are virtual internships. Generally, you will need to complete a series of modules and submit them to the company (they will take approx. 5-6 hours). Once all the modules have been completed and submitted by you then you can add this to your CV that you have completed a virtual internship with that company. It may also lead to vacation schemes or work if the company sees your work and is impressed by it.

I am strongly recommending this type of activity for anyone who is interested in big law firms. This is a great plan for learning what type of tasks and activities you can expect from respected law firms.

It will prepare you to be less stressed at the beginning of your journey to getting a contract signed. It will show you have an interest in law firms.

I noticed it requires from you a bit of your spare time, but I believe it is worth it. In law school you must spend your time wisely, otherwise you will not progress. I think it is great to invest a bit more time to highlight your profile in those programs.

Please have a look at these links:







These are just a few I found. I would like to give you inspiration for searching for opportunities.

I will do them together with you, so we will all have the same experience!

Good luck everyone!

Anna Augustyn - Freelance Writer.

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