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To Moot or Not to Moot?

So on the 17th and 18th August 2019, the OU provided a workshop, a Novice Mooting Workshop, enabling people like me, who have never mooted before, spoken in public or has any knowledge of mooting, to practice the art of advocacy.

What is mooting?

Mooting is a competition that simulates a court hearing of a fictitious case that usually is based on an appeal. Participants of a moot analyse problems, advocate, prepare bundles and written and oral submissions etc. The procedure as closely represents a real court setting as much as possible and supports the learning of persuasive advocacy.

How did I feel?

At first, I was so nervous, as I have said above, just being in the realm of the unknown was a bit scary. However, a group of 30 like-minded people were there alongside me, whom all were equally as nervous and wanted to learn how to moot and what mooting even was.

Would I recommend mooting?

I’m aware at the start of September there is one more mooting workshops, all I can say is absolutely go for it! Elise and Harrie and very approachable Master and Mistress of the Moots, who genuinely cared about each person, showcasing that it was an art to learn, that everyone has to start somewhere and made you feel like any question, was not a silly question.

Is it daunting? Absolutely! You are encouraged to stand up and advocate (and pretend you know what you’re talking about!) in front of 30 of your peers.

However, if this is genuinely something you want to consider in your future career, ie being a Barrister or Solicitor, experience like this is neigh on essential, let alone incredible for your CV.

If you have a chance to moot internally via the OU, or externally via other competitions, I completely recommend giving it a go. The worst case scenario is you balls up, so learn from your mistakes, figure out what went wrong and where, learn, adapt and sign up for the next!

Best case scenario is that you do okay, still could do with some guidance, yet from the experience, again you learn and move on to the next.

For more information the following sites has lots of information including a video demonstration of a moot competition.

Life’s about growth. Go grow.

Written By: Laurie-Elizabeth Ketley

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