Thank you OULS, it has been a pleasure.

I have been a committee member since 2019. I first began as a News Reporter and was elected to the position of Chair in June 2020.

My election statement back in June 2020 saw three key aspirations.

Firstly, I wanted to bring the OULS committee members together to work as a team and subsequently work better as a society overall.

Secondly, it was important to listen to what OULS members wanted to see and obtain from their law Society.

Finally, in times of adversity, of which we have all faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to provide a consistent opportunity to every student alike.

If I deal with each in turn.

Whilst I did not pick the committee myself, I can tell everyone wholeheartedly, I could not have picked a better group of people to work alongside had I tried.

To each and every person on the outgoing committee, I am so proud of you and I thank each of you for your consistent hard work and contributions through the duration of your roles.

I started as a duck out of water, completely new to the concept of any sort of real leadership.

I remember my first meeting experience. Chairing the meeting, unexpectedly and I didn’t quite know how it would go. If I was good enough, or whether the committee would do a satisfactory job as a whole.

I was addressing the committee members all mostly as strangers and found it quite difficult to ensure they felt I was credible and in all honesty worthy of the Chair title, all whilst doubting my own ability.

Now, between us, we have scholarships, new job roles and career changes, mooting successes, essay prizes, bar, LPC and journalism courses and forgive me if there are any other successes that I have not mentioned.

We have all been challenged with dealing with technological advancements and new ways of working, let alone some of us public speaking for the first time and reaching far outside of our comfort zones.

I can’t answer for everyone else, but I feel we grew as individuals, let alone as a committee and as a society.

With regard to listening to what students wanted from their law society and my final aspiration of providing opportunity, we have hosted a hoard of events.

Debates, barrister and solicitor insight events, we have showcased Inns, mooting and essay competitions, mock trial experiences, we have had wonderful and informative articles written and a whole host of other opportunities given to students.

Every step of the way, it is my view we have kept students continuously involved, we have created polls and we have always thrown the ball back into the member's courts where possible.

I really feel beneath the strain of the pandemic we have performed consistently to the best of our abilities as a committee.

As a committee we have really striven for more, to do more, be more and provide as much opportunity as we possibly can to you, our members.

We have turned this society around, to a society that has seen an 805% membership growth, consistently positive feedback and we leave with a healthy bank account.

I thank each of the committee members for your consistent support, both to myself and to one another and I am eternally grateful that they all helped to make this experience for me, so great.

In terms of law society members, I thank you for your continued support, feedback and fantastic ideas. It has been so lovely to have met so many incredible OU students (who I now class as friends), through my OULS journey.

I equally wish to extend the biggest congratulations and heartfelt good luck to the new incoming committee. I am sure you will do an incredible job and I am so grateful for you all, taking your time to volunteer! The committee would not exist without you. So a huge thank you.

Once again, thank you everyone and I am sure committee members and OULS members alike, you will all go on to achieve what your hearts and minds desire.

Thank you OULS, it has been a pleasure.


Outgoing OULS Chair 2020/2021

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