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Street Law - The Inside Guide

In 2019 the Open University Law Society teamed with the Open University’s Open Justice Team to successfully deliver 15 ‘Street Law’ workshops in secondary schools across England and Wales.

Due to Covid, these workshops were put on hold, but the project is once again looking for members to take part across the country.

What is Street Law?

Street Law is a form of Public Legal Education, it is the essence that by teaching children and communities the basic legal concepts they will have a better understanding to deal with situations in life. It will help children understand the law and give them an insight into the legal education system.

Why Street Law?

From September 2021 schools must incorporate the RSE – Relationship and Sex Education. By delivering workshops into schools the OULS in conjunction with the Open Justice we can help deliver this curriculum in a fun and interactive manner.

The workshops will not only focus on schools, but we are also looking to take the project into community centres, youth groups, and other organisations that may benefit.

Street Law will also benefit you in your studies, delivering PLE, involves researching core legal areas and then delivering it to audiences in an easy-to-understand manner, this is a form of Pro Bono which for anyone looking for a career in law will help develop important professional skills.

When are the workshops?

The next workshops will be starting in the coming months with dates to be confirmed shortly. If you are interested in the Street Law programme you can pre-register your interest now and once details have been released you will be notified.

Once the closing date has passed, our Street Law coordinator, Kirsty, will look at locations before teaming you up. If you have or know a school or group that would be interested in taking part, then please do let Kirsty know when you email her to pre-register.

Where will the workshops take place?

Due to covid restrictions, face-to-face meetings are still not taking place, for this reason for the time being the meetings will take place over zoom or Microsoft Teams. It is hoped we can deliver the programmes directly into schools in the future but there are the options to also deliver the workshops online.

How can I Pre-Register?

To pre-register, please email with your names and location. Once dates have been finalised our coordinator will be in contact with the next steps.

More information can be found on the Student Information sheet.

The Street Law programme is run in conjunction with the Open Justice Centre.

Written By: Victoria-Jayne Scholes

OULS News Editor

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