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I Got What?!

Results..they can make us, or break us.

I, for those that don’t know, am currently studying W202 and W203. Not that you need to know but I just got back my worse result yet. By far.

Does that mean an absolutely horrific result? No. But for me personally, it is just not the result I had hoped for and certainly not what I had expected.

What did I do?


After the panic, I read and re-read the advice that your tutor leaves you in the feedback section. I then messaged my tutor to express my disappointment and see how I can further myself to meet their expectations on the next TMA.

For me, the first two TMA’s of W202 and W203 were not what I expected and not what I ever want to come across again.

However, I have tried my best and I just have to try to better myself next time and hope that the result I got this time doesn’t hinder my overall degree classification too drastically.

I can only speak for W202 and W203. But, there has been a huge amount of backlash over these two TMA’s and they have caused quite a stir. In fact, I did a poll on Facebook and the results were surprising:

W202 Poll 90 people voted which showed:

32 people found that the TMA wasn’t clear as to what was expected and they were not happy with their results.

30 people found that the TMA wasn’t clear, however managed to ‘wing it’.

This poll shows that 68.8% of people who completed the TMA in W202, found the TMA advice and guidance provided was not clear.

W203 Poll – 56 people voted which showed:

29 people found the TMA to be pointless and they would have rather have done the essay straight away.

13 people believed that the TMA01 plan was not clear, however they managed to get a result they were happy with,

Some of the comments from both polls included:

“I felt it was pretty needless, Everyone plans differently; it’s not really something which I feel can be marked.”

“A plan is entirely subjective…”

“Feedback seems confused too. I’ve got comments that suggest I’ve lost marks for not being in depth enough on certain points! It’s a plan, the depth will be written in the actual answer!”

“Clearer advice on the TMA would have been helpful. Giving various ways of writing a plan or links to essay plans. Tutors needed to give the same help or advice across all the groups. It is unfair that some were just told to read the advice again, whilst others were given very helpful links and ways to draft a plan.

What do you do now?

If you have a result that you are completely surprised by, first things first, have you read your feedback?

Secondly, have you arranged a discussion with your tutor regarding the same?

Thirdly, when looking inwards at yourself, were there any circumstances you feel could have affected your result? Have you been poorly? Was it rushed? Those sorts of things..

Lastly, if you feel that all these avenues have been exhausted then please do get in touch with student support on: 01908 541 063 or email them via the OU homepage.

A word of advice, the tutors aren’t against you. They are there to do a job and they can equally only do that, their job. They mark your TMA’s to the best of their abilities. They are not aware of what other tutors are saying or doing. Sometimes as useful facebook and social media are, they can also cause inconsistencies and so forth between tutorial advice. Mr recommendation is that if you really are not happy, you have to speak with student support. It is no use multiple students feeling deflated about some students being told they ‘have to write continuous prose’ and others being told ‘they can do bullet points’, then doing nothing about it. The OU can only deal with the information that the OU has been told about.

See what they say and/or do.

Then attend every tutorial you physically can and ensure you know what it is exactly that is expected of you from your tutor and try and try again.

Work hard, time manage appropriately and you will achieve. You’ve got this.

Written By: Laurie-Elizabeth Ketley

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