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What is Street law?

Street law is one form of public legal education (PLE). The premise underpinning PLE is that people who have even a basic understanding of their legal rights and duties, the way the legal system works and how to access legal advice will be better able to identify and resolve the legal problems they may encounter in the future.

PLE is therefore an important aspect of pro bono activity and relies on core legal skills: the ability to research and communicate complex legal ideas in a way that can be easily understood by a lay audience.

So, by participating in street law you will be engaging in worthwhile pro bono projects and, in doing so, you will be developing important professional skills.

(Open Justice, 2018)



The project offers Public Legal Education 'Street Law' workshops in secondary schools and community groups with the aim of promoting a greater understanding of law and legal issues. Through the interactive workshops, audiences engage on legal issues that are of particular relevance to them through a range of activities.

This project could be for you if:

  • You have a connection with a local secondary school or community group which would like to host a Street Law workshop and /or

  • You would like to participate in facilitating a Street Law workshop with a small group of law students

So, if you...

  • Are a current law student or alumni or a member of the OU Law Society

  • Are interested in pro bono work

  • Have a connection with a local school or group or you want to take part in a presentation (we can help to locate a school for you if needed)

....then we want YOU to apply!

Please let us know via this webform if you would like to apply and/or if you have a school or community group that would like to get involved

If you would like further details please read the Student Information Sheet

We also have an information sheet that can be given to schools and community groups to explain what a Street Law session is. Please note that we cannot guarantee a Street Law session as it will depend on where student volunteers live. If you know a school or a community group which may be interested in hosting a Street Law session, please complete the online webform found above.

Who are Open Justice?

To learn more about OU Open Justice and the Open Justice Team, have a look at their website here:

Or read their blog here:

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