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SQE - Solicitors qualifying exams

Solicitors Qualifying Exams SQE

The main talking point of law students the past two years has been the upcoming SQE. What is it? And how will it affect me? 

Well that has been the millionaire dollar question. Still now nothing is set in stone. The SRA has announced part of the exam will be released in  2021. However they have also advised that if changes need to be made this could still be moved as they want to get it 100% right.  For more details please see visit

This exam is all about finding the right solicitors for the profession.

Below are the main points of what the SQE is: 

1. There are two parts to the SQE - SQE1 which is due to be released in November 2021 and SQE2 which at the moment is due to released in April 2022. 

2. SQE1 is the exam part consisting of 2 exams of 180 multiple questions on each. It will test students on how they would apply their legal knowledge to the workplace as well as testing research skills. 

The exams cover multi areas of law including: tort, contract, land law and trust and criminal law to name a few, 

Once you have passed SQE1 you will then be eligable to apply and sit for SQE2

3. SQE2 is the practical side of the exam and will include a series of both written and oral assessments. 

This part of the assessment analyses the students skills of how well they would perform if they were to become a solicitor. 

There are five skills which are assessed. These are: Client interviewing, legal drafting, case and matter analysis, advocacy and legal research, 

The areas of law these will be assessed in will be: Criminal Practice, business practice, wills and administration of estates, property and dispute resolution. 

There will be 16 practical assessments in total made up of 12 written assessments and four oral assessments.

4. The Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) can be taken anytime before, during or after SQE2. QWE must be taken in up to four different positions over a period of two years equivalent to full time in different legal organisations. 

5. QWE can be made up by working in a variety of different settings including, working as a paralegal, interning, pro bono, law clinics, vacation schemes, training contracts and apprenticeships. However this list is not exhaustive. 

Please see the list of Work Experience on the main careers page for ideas.

QWE is required as well as passing SQE1 & SQE2.

6. The LPC will still be running alongside the SQE. However we are unsure at this stage how long for. The difference between the two courses is the flexibility the SQE gives students. 

The SQE allows you to count work experience undertaken during your studies towards your QWE.


You can work whilst you study.

The fee for the SQE will be in the region of £3000-£4500. 

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