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Election Manifestos -Editor

Careers Coordinator

1. Emilio Kyprianou

I hope to continue to create unique opportunities for OU Law Society members. 

Dear Members, as a candidate for the Editor position, I am excited to share my nomination. For this role, I am drawing on my experience working for my families property management company where I managed diverse administrative duties; from apartment maintenance to license renewals and tax payments. Through this role, I've honed valuable relevant skills.


 If elected:


A) I understand the importance of a strong visual identity, and that's why I will create multiple modern and fresh logo designs to replace the outdated ones we currently have. These designs will be presented to the committee for voting.


 B) A cohesive and appealing design language is essential to reflect our unity and values. Therefore I will work diligently to establish a fresh website design scheme that will be carried across our social media platforms. This unified visual identity will strengthen our community's brand and create a more engaging and immersive experience for all.  


 Thank you for considering me as your potential Editor.


Emilio Kyprianou.

2. Re-Open Nominations





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