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Vice Chair - Election Manifestos

Vice Chair 

1. Kevin Bannon 

Dear colleagues in the Open University Law Society,


I am reaching out today to share my interest in serving as Vice Chair of our society's committee. Leveraging my background in the legal sector and my current experience as an LLB student here, I believe I can provide a pragmatic and business-oriented approach to the role.


As the head of the eDiscovery and Investigations team at a prominent law firm, I've spent a decade working in legal technology and litigation support, dealing with the real-world applications of the law on a daily basis. This hands-on experience, I believe, will complement the academic perspectives within our society.


Now, in my first year of the LLB program at the Open University, I am experiencing firsthand the unique opportunities and challenges that come with our distinctive learning environment. I understand what it takes to balance work, study, and personal commitments, and how to thrive in the face of these demands.

2. Christelle Jones 
I would like to apply for 2 positions within The Open University Law Society. I have experience in both a Vice – Chair as well as Secretariat role.


I am a Stage 2 LLB student and attend most of the speaker series on offer and find them incredibly valuable. I am also a student member of the Inner Temple


I work in the legal profession within Financial Services as a paralegal / trainee. A large number of the tasks I perform, crosses over into the Corporate Secretariat area which I believe provides me with transferable skills for both the Vice-Chair as well as the secretary role. I have a commitment to advancing in the principles of justice, equality and am eager to contribute my transferable skills and expertise to The Open University’s Law Society. I always try to uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything I do, and strive to create an inclusive work/study environment.  This  is visible in my other roles as Communications officer for the Mental Heath network for UBS Group and as an LGBTQ+ Ambassador.


My primary focus will be to ensure smooth and efficient communication among the members, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within our legal community.


I strongly believe that successful communication is the foundation upon which a successful society is built. Additionally, I am dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability without The Law Society.


Thank you for taking the time to read my statement.

3. Re-Open Nominations





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